Helpful Everyday Actions to Save:

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Think about how you or someone else can use an item before sending it to the landfill. If it is broken, consider the quarterly Repair Cafes at the Burlingame Library where items are fixed free of charge. Consider listing items for sale or give-away on Craigslist or NextDoor, or donating them. Many places accept working electronic items: Goodwill, PARCA, & LifeMoves. Local business GreenCitizen in Burlingame is dedicated to responsible recycling, especially of electronics, and will accept both working and non-working items.


Many things can be recycled instead of crowding the landfill. Use these links for more information:


Replacing your lawn with California native plants & attractive features is a sure way to reduce your water use!


Learn why eating less meat can be one of the most powerful actions you can take to help the planet:


We all need to do our share to help keep our air clean. How about walking or public transportation? Depending on where you’re going, public transit may be a practical, relaxing, cost-saving option. Can you get from here to there on transit? The quickest way to check is Google Transit or plan your trip with the comprehensive trip planner on