Film Fest

The 2021 Film Fest will go on! All 2021 events will be held via Zoom. The dates to remember are:

January 23, 2021 – Filmmakers Workshop


March 1, 2021 – Film Entry Deadline


March 23, 2021 – Film Fest

In addition to creativity, videos should present accurate, referenced information that support the message filmmakers seek to convey. CEC is providing cash prizes that will be awarded to student filmmakers in three categories: grades 4-5 ($100), grades 6-8 ($150) and high school ($350). The final entries will be screened and winners will be announced at the Film Fest on March 23. There is no charge to enter. For more information, visit

Since 2018 the CEC Student Film Fest has been inviting local students to make short videos of five minutes or less that show how they care about the planet. Topics vary widely, but all films express the unique perspective of the young filmmakers on the environmental topic of their choice. Past entries have included original music that has been performed and recorded, stop-motion techniques, live action and comedy, collaborations and more. The means of expression is up to the filmmakers.

The Film Fest is cosponsored by the Burlingame Environmental Club (BEC) at Burlingame High School. BEC also conducts a free filmmaking workshop in January and hosts a film festival in March, previously live at Burlingame High but now virtually via Zoom, where videos are screened and winners are announced.

CEC Student Film Fest Winners


Elementary School: Allison Wylie, “Climate Change Is Taxing” – Watch

Middle School: Astrid Carlen, “The Carbon Footprint of a BLT” – Watch

High School: Brian Church, Manny Barron, “Composting News Segment” – Watch

Best in Festival: Astrid Carlen, “The Carbon Footprint of a BLT” – Watch


Elementary School: Mika Haggarty & Olivia McGlynn, “STE News Episode 23” – Watch

Middle School: Alison Saunders, “The Trash Task” – Watch

High School: Mark Mangano, “Plastic Bottle Pollution” – Watch

Best in Festival: Alison Saunders, “The Trash Task” – Watch


Elementary School: Natalie Wylie, “Feed the Future” – Watch

Middle School: Minnoli Raghavan, “Reducing Your Carbon Footprint” – Watch

High School: Lucas Mills & Aidan Burke, “Car Pollution”

Best in Festival: Natalie Wylie, “Feed the Future” – Watch

Film Fest winner