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How to Reduce Plastic Waste

Four speakers offered lots of tips on reducing and avoiding plastic waste at our September program, “How Can I Become More Plastic Free?”

Shirley Freriks (shown in photo), a strong advocate for recycling since the early 1990s, suggested a variety of ways people reduce their own plastic usage, Elena Petkova of Recology explained how to make sure plastic gets recycled, Laura Porter of Byrd’s Filling Station at 219 S. San Mateo Drive in San Mateo promoted shopping with refillable containers, and Karen Noryko introduced Ridwell, a service that picks up plastic and difficult items, such as clothing, light bulbs and even leftover Halloween candy, to recycle from front porches for $14 a month. Ridwell recently began offering service in Burlingame.

photo of Shirley Freriks

General Recommendations

  • Most plastic is petroleum based. Bioplastics are made of at least 20 percent renewable plants. Some bioplasticsare compostable, but they generally require an industrial composting facility to process these materials.
  • Don’t buy water in plastic bottles. In addition to being difficult to recycle, these bottles leach toxins into the water when they are left in the sun.
  • Food warmed in plastic trays absorbs toxins when heated in a microwave.
  • Artificial turf releases toxic chemicals, especially when exposed to sun, rain and other weather conditions.
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