Until March, our busy culture seemed at odds with sustainable living. But today we’re driving less, flying less and buying less. Pollution has decreased, evening walks are longer and there’s more time to spend in our gardens.

Did you know that 90 percent of the bugs in your garden are actually good bugs that eat bad bugs? CEC hosted a free online workshop on June 6 that helped participants identify the good ones.

Suzanne Bontempo, a horticulture specialist for more than 20 years, discussed how to identify the bugs in your garden, how to keep the good ones around and which plants are good bug magnets. She also shared kid-friendly worksheets to help children learn, too.

Called “Attracting Good Bugs to Your Garden,” this workshop was presented by the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame (CEC) and was cosponsored by the City of Burlingame and the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency.

Compelling Program by Nutrition Expert
On April 21, Dr. Debra Shapiro explained why adopting a plant-based diet helps counter climate change during the first virtual program presented by the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame. Called “Take a Bite Out of Climate Change,” the program included evidence about negative impacts of eating animal protein on human health, the environment and, of course, animal welfare. Dr. Shapiro is a certified, plant-based nutrition coach.

Sources for more information on animal agriculture and the environment as presented by Dr. Shapiro can be found here.