Thanks to everyone who helped make our first three 2021 “Green Programs on Hot Topics” a BIG success! Special thanks to our guest speakers, Len Materman and Nicole Weger.
CEC Student Film Fest (March 23). Environmental videos created by students in grades 4-12 were screened on Zoom at the fourth annual CEC Student Film Fest, and awards presented. The Film Fest is a partnership between CEC and the Burlingame Environmental Club at BHS.
What Will Sea Level Rise Adaptation Look Like? (April 22). We learned about sea level rise and its impact. Guest speaker Len Materman, CEO of the San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District, described how the agency is working to make our community more resilient to sea level rise, flooding and coastal erosion with projects that will protect and enhance our environment. More specifically, the objective is to raise shoreline and creek bank elevations along 1.6 miles of Bay shoreline and 1.5 miles of creeks to remove properties from the current FEMA 100-year floodplain, plus approximately 6 feet to allow for sea level rise – a Bay water level approximately 10 feet above today’s daily high tide.
Wildlife in Our Neighborhoods (May 13). Coyotes, mountain lions, deer and other animals are showing up more frequently in backyards. Our guest speaker, Nicole Weger of the Peninsula Humane Society’s Wildlife Department, spoke about the types of wildlife that live in our neighborhoods, what we can do to cohabitate peacefully with them, and how to help wildlife thrive.

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