Thanks to Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), this is a great time to buy an electric vehicle – or to rent one to test it out. PCE offers:

  • A $1,000 rebate for first-time purchases of a new electric vehicle, or a $700 rebate on a new plug-in hybrid vehicle, stackable on top of other incentives that can add up to savings of more than $10,000. The $1,000 rebate is available through December 31.
  • A $200 rebate to rent any available electric vehicle just to try it out
  • Up to $4,000 off the purchase of a used electric vehicle (income qualified).
  • Free technical assistance and incentives for installing EV charging at workplaces and multifamily buildings.

New to buying an EV? Visit Acterra’s “Go EV” resource page. And when you’re ready to buy, see Menlo Spark’s recently published 2020 EV Buyers Guide, which compares 26 different EV models.